Carol’s Affordable Preschool Curriculum program is designed to provide enriching opportunities to meet the needs of children ages birth through 6 years.

Our preschool curriculum has been designed to be easy, interesting, affordable and educational for all who use it.


This is our Jumping Kangaroo preschool curriculum.  It is designed for children ages 2-6.   It is a Pre-K readiness program that will help your preschooler be prepared for kindergarten.  All craft supplies are provided.  Each day will include fun filled projects including both worksheets and crafts.  Each child will learn how to cut, paste, match and use their imaginations!  We will introduce 2-3 alphabet letters, 1-2 numbers, 1 color and 1 shape each month.  We have many crafts and fun projects that work around the different topics.  No one will be bored!  Each day there is something different.  Projects and crafts Monday  -  Friday.


Children all over the world use Jumping Kangaroo preschool curriculum.  They learn their numbers, shapes, colors and alphabet letters.  Carol creates a fun curriculum that children will enjoy doing and learning from.  Carol’s program is developed around Fine Motor Skills, Social Skills, Reasoning Skills, Art and Design, Letter Concepts, Comprehension, Thinking Skills, Math and many more skills needed prior to entering kindergarten.


Core Standards are listed in each curriculum Instructional Guide.  See the breakdown of each subject on our Home Page and print your copy off.