Carol’s Affordable Preschool Curriculum program is designed to provide enriching opportunities to meet the needs of children ages birth through 6 years.


Carol’s Affordable Curriculum

Expands Preschool Curriculum into Ghana, Africa


Carol A. Sarff, CEO of Carol’s Affordable Curriculum, a publishing company of early childhood resources to preschools throughout the United States and internationally traveled to Accra, Ghana in October of 2011 for the grand opening of Tender Sprout International School.  Carol and staff traveled there to introduce the “Fundamentals of Preschool Education”, which was developed by Carol and certify the teachers of Tender Sprout International School.  CAC’s training system is an 18 hour course that includes: Early Childhood Development, brain development, stages of learning, communicating effectively with children, how children learn, the art of creativity, creative process, practical ideas for learning through play, understanding the young child, music, rhymes and more!


Our goal was to be able to share our knowledge with others.  We were greeted with love and excitement and were so honored to be part of the educational team on behalf of Tender Sprout International School.


Carol’s Affordable Curriculum was developed in 1996.  We have grown as a company and have improved into one of the top curriculums sold in the United States.  We provide our customers with menus, recipes, progress reports, and much more.  We are now adding the Core Standards to each project.  This will assist each provider or licensor to recognize that each project is an educational tool and in what ways a child can learn from the project.  Our professional curriculum helps support a child’s social, emotional and intellectual growth.  All supplies are included with the curriculum, which helps each provider save time in their very busy schedule.