Carol’s Affordable Preschool Curriculum program is designed to provide enriching opportunities to meet the needs of children ages birth through 6 years.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is the curriculum ever repeated a different year?


No, we have new curriculum every year and we have for over 20 years.  We do not rotate our curriculum.




Does CAC have a deadline to order by?


No, we don’t.  We understand that child care providers have busy lives and don’t always know their numbers until the end of the month.  We accommodate to your needs.



What age group is the curriculum?


Our Baby Bears Infant Curriculum is for birth through 18 months.

Tiny Tots and Little Disciples is for ages 18-36 months.

Jumping Kangaroo and Son Shine is for ages 2-6.


Jumping Kangaroo- This is for children ages 2-6.


Tiny Tots- This is for children ages 18-36 months.  No cutting or writing involved.


Son Shine- This is for children ages 2-6.  This is a Christian based curriculum.


Little Disciples- This is for children ages 18-36 months.  This is a Christian based curriculum.  No cutting or writing involved.



What is the difference between the curriculum?











Do all supplies come with the curriculum?


Yes they do!  We supply everything that you need for the curriculum.  This is a complete curriculum!  You will need to supply crayons, markers, tape and glue.



All of our curriculum is coordinated to work together.  The older children and younger children can sit together and work on the same topic.


Absolutely!  Your credit card will be charged automatically on the 10th of each month.  If you want to change your order, please call before the 5th of each month.  To be added to the auto-charge program, please call us at: 1-877-746-8128


Can the older kids and younger kids sit together to do the curriculum or do they have to be separated?


Can I set up an auto-charge?





Can I change the number of sets of my curriculum?




Yes!  We custom pack each order.  Please call us by the 5th of the month to change the amount of curriculum that you need. 1-877-746-8128




Will I save money if I order my curriculum several months at a time?

Yes!  You save 5% when you order and prepay for 3 months, 7% when you order and prepay for 6 months and 10% when you order and

prepay for 9 months.



How does CAC teach the alphabet and numbers?



We believe in instructing the children to learn them in order.

So we start out with the letter A and end in Z.  We also start with number 0 and end with 15 in order.



When will my package arrive?


It depends on where you live.  But packages start to ship out around the 2nd week of the month so you will have plenty of time to look it over before your month starts.